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Site Relaunch

As a software developer for my entire professional life (and earlier), I like trying different technology stacks, even if they're a bit outside a specific domain. Before my pivot to mobile app technlogies, I worked on websites and web services. And my personal site has been around since 1998 (although the Wayback Machine only has 2001 onward).

For nearly it's entire lifecycle, this site was driven by PHP, mostly it's because it's the first thing I learned to program for the web. Tried to convert to Perl; didn't stick. I learned JSP later, but seemed overkill for a personal site that's mostly done for vanity (and for testing new HTML features).

As a mobile solutions architect, my primary focus recently has been Swift, and more specificially (and recently) SwiftUI. When I discovered John Sundell's static site generator, Publish, my prayers were answered.

  • Open source? Check.
  • Same IDE as my mobile projects? Check.
  • SwiftUI-like design? Check.

Thank you, John, for this and all your contributions to the mobile app development ecosystem.

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