I have been on the Internet since 1989 (yes, the Internet existed before there were web browsers), and I’ve used nearly every web browser out there since 1993. Here is what I think is the best web browsing platform today.

I know I lot of people live by Safari, and I like it, too (I have an iPhone), but for pure functionality, Firefox does everything I need, runs on every platform I use, is standards-compliant, and has the following extra bits of funtionality that make desktop web surfing nearly perfect. Whatever you do, don’t use Internet Explorer.
Flashblock (Firefox add-on)
I’ve got a previous rant on Flash, but there are a few sites for which I find it useful (Youtube and ESPN). But in order to keep Flash from killing performance for everything else, Flashblock does the trick. It allows you, the user, to determine when Flash content is downloaded and displayed.
Adblock Plus (Firefox add-on)
I don’t know how people browse the web without Adblock Plus. Just subscribe to the default list, and nearly every commercial website will load faster.
Greasemonkey (Firefox add-on)
Install Greasemonkey, then install these two scripts. I don’t care to see what my Facebook friends like or dislike outside of Facebook, and CNN is nearly unbearable to read with user comments (the future of humanity looks bleak).

Set Stylesheet

All stylesheets originally from Free CSS Templates (some slightly modified from original design).

Random Quote

When I asked an Ivy league admissions officer why the SAT is such a lousy predictor of how good a student is going to end up being, he said “People take the SAT when they’re 18. When you’re 18, we can’t even predict what you’re going to be like three hours from now.”

Malcolm Gladwell